So, it begins - My name is Mike Davis and I am working to provide industry a place to discuss technical systems, operation and troubleshooting tips and advise. I have spent over 38 years of my life in Telecommunication for the rail industry.  You will find most of the discussion is radio theory as it applies to the rail industry.  But, I hope this will be a repository for information for different industries on various systems and you are willing to share what you know.

 My goal is to help all industries.  I would like to see input from a vast array of industries.  I know we have a lot of technologies in common between rail, gas, airline, heavy equipment and automotive... just to name a few.   One thing is for certain, regardless of system and it's purpose, there is electrical and/or RF theory we all have in common.  

Please take some time to read from the forums, but more importantly, Please take the time to post something.   Make a statement, argue a fact, make a contribution!!  It is participation that is going to make this work.